Unknown Owens
John Owens I


John Owens II
Bef. 1748    Aft. 1807
Location: Unknown
Mentioned in Will of John Owens I
Mentioned in Will of Joseph Pledger
Mentioned in the publication :

Joseph Pledger and Connecting Families 1691 Early 1900

By John W. Melson 1959

It was while living on Broad Cove that Joseph Pledger bought privately owned lands and obtained lands by grants through various courts held at Tarborough and Kingston. He obtained thousand acres of land in Tyrrell County and located over a broad area : Second Creek, Miltail Creek, west side of Greater Alligator River, Stomping Hill, land from John Owen, a carpenter, on south side of Albemarle Sound, Soundside Neck, Turkey Branch, Newfoundland, lands adjoining Hesikiah Spruill and the Ludford Patent near Peartree Point.

With the help of John Owen, Joseph constructed this house, one forth mile from Pledger Harbor.




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