1John Owens I  
2Zachariah Owens
3William James Owens
4Zachariah F. Owens 
2/12/1815 - 4/22/1880
Name In Bible
Cause Of Death 1. 2. 3.
Location: # 3
He married Leah Sawyer daughter of Griffin Sawyer
and Rachel Cullipher.
Keziah Owens
Griffin Owens
Rachel Owens
William James R. Owens
Susan A. E. Owens
Hopsa L. V. Owens
Rodea C. Owens
Richard S. Owens
Henry W. Owens
Dovery J. Owens

He married Margaret
James L. Owens
Emma R. Owens
Zachariah Owens



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