State of North Carolina to Benjamin Cowell
360 acres
October 29,1782

---------------------- No. 161

Know ye, that we, for and in Consideration of the sum of Fifty Shillings for every hundred acres, hereby granted, Paid into Our Treasury by Benjamin Cowell, have given and Granted and by these presents do give and grant unto the said Benjamin Cowell a Tract of Land containing Three Hundred and Sixty Acres, lying and Being In Our Country of Tyrrell on the East Side of Great Alligator River.

BEGINNING at a Black Gum on the North East Corner of the Beach Rige, then running South Ten Degrees West Two Hundred and forty Pole then North Seventy Degrees West Two Hundred and forty Pole, then North Ten degrees East Two Hundred and Forty Pole, Down the river, then South Seventy Degrees East Two Hundred and forty Pole to the first Station, As by the Plat hereunto annexed Doth appear; Together with all woods, Waters, Mines, Minerals, Hereditaments, and Appurtenances, to the Said Land Belonging or Appertaining.

TO HOLD TO THE SAID Benjamin Cowell, His heirs and assign forever. Yielding and Paying To us such Sums of Money Yearly or Otherwise, as Our General Assembly from time to time may direct. Provided always that the said Benjamin Cowell shall Cause this grant to be registered in the registers Office of Our said County of Tyrrell, Within Twelve months from the date hereof, otherwise the Same Shall be void and of no Effect.

IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, we have Caused our Great Seal to be hereunto Affixed.

Witness Alexander Martin, Esquire, Our Governor Captain General and Commander in Chief at Fairfield the twenty Ninth day of October in the Seventh year of our Independence and in the year of Our Lord, One thousand Seven Hundred and Eighty Two.

Alex. Martin & a seal

By His Excelly’s Comd.

J. Glasgow, Sec

Registered the 8th day of August, 1783

By J. Phelps, Register


Tyrrell County Deed Book 8, page 177-178
State Grant No. 161
Easily read, typed copy in Deed Book 8 at Court House.
1 pole = 16 ½ ft.

S 10° W 240 poles
N 70° W 240 poles
N 10° E 240 poles (down the river)
S 70° E 240 poles


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