John Mixon to John Owens
April 7, 1728
210 acres

North Carolina Know all men by these presents that I John Mixon of the county of Pasquotank province of aforesaid and in consideration of the sum of forty pounds current money of this province to me in hand paid by John Owens of the county and province of aforesaid the right where of I do hereby acknowledge myself fully satisfied and contented have given, granted, bargained, sold, alien enfeoff, conveyed and confirm unto the said John Owens and by these present do fully freely willingly sell alien bargain assign and set over to the John Owens his heirs and assigns for ever a certain parcel or tract of land containing 210 acres situate lying and being in present Pasquotank on the east side of Alligator River beginning at a Pine on the river George Whidbey’s corner tree then along his line S 40 E 56 poles to a Pine then S 67 E 160 poles to a Pine then S 15 E 204 poles to a Pine another corner tree of George Whidbey’s then S 50 E 20 poles to an Ash then S 45 E 160 poles to a Holly then N 44 E 54 poles to a Pine on a laurel pocosin then down the said pocosin W 200 poles to a Pine in the Cypress Swamp then down the swamp various courses to a Gum on Alligator River thence the meander of the river to the first station. I the said John Mixon will warrant sure and forever defend the above bargained promise to him the said John Owens furthermore I the said John Mixon do bind me my heirs executor or assigns to save warrant secure and forever defend the said tract or parcel of land against the lawful claim or claims demand of any person or persons whatsoever and further will defend it from all rights of dower entails jointure executor extents with the appurtenances thereto belonging or in anywise appurtenances with all the profits commodities timber and timber trees orchards houses and improvements to the same being or in any wise appertains and I the said John Mixon have in my self good rightful power and lawful authority to dispose of the premises in manner aforesaid.
In witness whereunto I have here unto set my hand and seal this seventh day of April anno Domini one thous seven hundred and twenty eight signed sealed and delivered in the presence of us.

Thomas Lovick
Robert Foster 

John Mixon

North Carolina the 25 th 1728 then the above written deed
Deed was proved before me Chrt. Gall, C. J.
Received of Mr. John Owens the sum of ten pounds bill for my trouble in getting rights proved and petitioning for a warrant and petitioning for five patents I say received June the 2, 1742 James Craven

Tyrrell County Deed Book 1, pages 239, 240


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