Whatever Happened To Caroline Owens?

Caroline Owens (b. March 15, 1827) daughter of James Owens and Keziah Owens-Owens (who are now resting in Currituck County near Jarvisburg, NC) first married Frederick M. Wynn.

This was his second marriage.  He was 23 when he married 22 year old Harriet E. Daniel, daughter of Spencer and Sophia Daniel on Nov. 28, 1838.

On Oct. 4, 1839, they had a son named Spencer D. Wynn. On Oct. 17,1841 Harriet E. Wynn died at the age of 25, leaving behind 2 year old Spencer. 

Caroline (age 19) and Frederick M. Wynn (age 31) married in Feb. of 1846.  Together they had the following children.

  • b. 5/4/1847 Mary Ann Wynn

  • b.1/20/1850 Harriet C. Wynn

  • b. 11/25/1851 Frederick M. Wynn II

Frederick  M. Wynn is believed to have died in 1856 at age 41. (listed in 1850 census as boatman)

Caroline (age 29) then married Isaac Harrison Davenport (age 37) on Nov. 16, 1856. (listed as farmer in 1860 census) He was the son of Silas Davenport and Sally Davenport-Davenport.  

This was his second marriage. He was 26 when he married Phebe Sawyer on Apr. 3, 1845.

Together they had the following children.

  • Guilford L. Davenport              b. 8/5/1857     d. 2/11/1936                    

  • Claudia Davenport                   b. 7/13/1859   d. 9/19/1868                     

  • Nancy Davenport                     b. 5/20/1861   d.  ????                                 

  • Alice Beauraguard Davenport   b. 5/3/1863     d. 7/17/1865     

  • Susan Davenport                      b. 5/5/1865     d.  7/12/1865                        

  • Virginia V. Davenport               b. 9/26/1867   d. 10/19/1868                 

  • Isaac Harrison Davenport II      b. 8/17/1870   d. 10/31/1941         

Caroline had her last child at age 43.  Ten years later on 10/21/1880 she died at the age of 53.  On 10/24/1880, just three days later, Isaac died at the age of 61. They are buried along with four of  the children that didn't survive to adulthood, in a family plot on the old home place, not far from the town of Columbia, Tyrrell Co. NC.

Now you know what happened to Caroline Owens.



No guarantee is given on the accuracy of these facts. They are  believed to be correct, but as with all data collection, recording, copying, and publishing errors do occur. Check the facts for yourself.


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