Owens from Norfolk County VA. NOTES

Richard Owens St. Julian's Creek, Lower Norfolk County, Virginia
witness to Will of John Watkins 2/26/1648 proved 10/31/1649
witness to Will of Sarah Julian 5/13/1649
(Book "B" Lower Norfolk Co, Va. 11/2/1646 to 1/15/1651/2 by Alice Granbery Walter 1979)
counted as being transported head rights by Thomas Green

William Owen/s Sr. St. Julian's Creek, Lower Norfolk County, Virginia
mentioned in Will of Margaret Taylor 4/5/1679
Deed 434 acres, Julian's Creek Lower Norfolk Co. 11/20/1683
mentioned in Deed of Henry Dale & Edward Hewes 4/21/1690
mentioned in Deed of George Ballintine 10/20/1691
mentioned in Deed of Thomas Butt 10/28/1697
listed on  Rent Roll Norfolk County 1704

Thomas Butt  -- October 28, 1697 -- Norfolk Co.
John Owens counted as being transported by head rights.


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