John Owens I

2004 to 2009

Name: Minnie Shuler
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Comments: I am a descendant of Solomon Owens I born about 1740 in Edgecombe County NC moved to Barnwell Dist SC, presumed son of John Owens and his first wife Eleanor Carr. I am looking for Revolutionary War Service records for Solomon or his son Stephen Owens or for Rev War payment records for goods or services rendered to the War cause. Stephen later moved to Gadsden County Florida. My line of descent is Stephen father of Solomon A. Owens father of John Miles Owens father of Martha Sarah Owens who married John Gamble Lambert parents of Susan Florence Lambert who married Traube H. Woodbery parents of Jerold Clifton Woodberry - my father.
Where were you born?: Quincy, Florida
Saturday, February 7th 2009 - 10:50:00 AM
Name: Gladys Goodwin
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Comments: looking for Goodwin
Where were you born?: Texas
Saturday, January 3rd 2009 - 04:36:07 PM
Name: Nancy McIntire
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Comments: I am trying to trace my family since my incident has left me unable to work for the last 2 years. My grandfather was Calvin Walter Owens - my mother is Calvin Ann Owens. I have only been able to get back to John Owens born 29 March 1819 died 13 August 1893. He married Nancy Gibbs and they had 11 children. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.
Where were you born?: Parsons KS 1961
Thursday, November 13th 2008 - 10:38:37 AM
Name: Columbus Taylor Jr
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Comments: I am still looking for the Taylor's round Columbia NC
Where were you born?: Columbia NC
Saturday, October 18th 2008 - 04:42:47 PM
Name: Vickie Ann Hayes
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Comments: Dear John Owen:

My name is Vickie Ann Hayes, I'm one of the descendents of John and Charity Languell. Could you please sent me an could you please e-mail me an copy of the John and Charity Languell family bible. Because I have the original in my Grandpa safe.

John and Charity Languell, had an son name Issac Cleveland Charles Languell. I'm his Great-Granddaughter. And Issac married Ola Gouge and had one son name Paul Languell born September 16, 1918. Paul Married Elsie Hall and had two daughter one Pauletta Languell and Margaret (Jo) Languell.
Pauletta Languell has an son name Tommy Languell, Vickie Ann Black, And Ronda Hayes, When Vickie Turn 16 she had her name court ordered changed to Hayes,

Tommy doesn't have any children, Vickie Ann has 1 daughter and two sons. Ronda has one daughter name Alicia.

Jo Languell had one son name Paul McClure.

Dear John:
Thank You very much. Because that is my John Languell and Charity Family Bible. I'm the one that gave the information to someone to have so they knew who their family members are because after Charity Languell passed away the family went different ways.

I'm glad that you put it where everyone could see the information now it's fantastic.

Vickie Ann Hayes
Where were you born?: Oklahoma
Tuesday, September 16th 2008 - 10:11:34 PM
Name: Rebecca P.
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Comments: I just started looking for my ancestors. I am descended from Solomon Owens I b. abt. 1740 in NC. My ancestors left for Gadsden Co FL. in 1820's. I'm looking for info on Solomon I father John and grandfather John. Where they lived and originated from. Sol lived in Craven Co NC at some point and died in Barnwell Co. SC. Interesting to read all the entries
Where were you born?: tallahassee FL
Friday, September 12th 2008 - 05:04:55 PM
Name: Margaret Cooper Woltz
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Comments: My Cooper Family:
1. Willis Cooper - Elizabeth Alexander/Joanna Davis
2. Nicodemus Cooper - Nancy Dillon
3. Willis D. Cooper - Elizabeth Caum/Susan Norman
4. Wilbur Norman Cooper - Nena Hildrup Copes
5. Norman Copes Cooper - Mildred Hudgins
6. Margaret Cooper - Ben vanDalsem Woltz
Any connection to this family, I would love to share information.
Saturday, September 6th 2008 - 08:37:19 PM
Name: Cheryl Owens
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Comments: Iam trying to find the parents of Newton (RN) Owens and brother William B. Owens. I the 1850 Cherokee County Alabama census, that shows the 2 brothers as laborers for a John McMichael. Shows that they were born in North Carolina. Newton was born around 1829-1830. I have him again with wife and children in 1860 Cherokee County Alabama census. After 2 years of research I finally found records for him in the Civil War but still no information on parents. I would really appreciate ANY information that might help me. Thanks!
Saturday, August 23rd 2008 - 10:11:49 PM
Name: Sandra Hofacker
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Comments: Great Grandaughter of Herbert and Bertie (Wynne) Owens
Tuesday, July 29th 2008 - 06:24:22 PM
Name: judy owens miller
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Comments: Our family just came across an old picture of Jonathan (johnny) owens born in 1844 in currituck county. The picture is dated 1864. This put me on a search of my lineage. I have traced it back to John I who settled in NC in 1700's but do not know where he came from. So glad I found your site and look forward to learning more.
Monday, July 21st 2008 - 07:49:45 AM
Name: Tommy Twiford
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Comments: Just a Twiford stoppin by to say hi...
Saturday, July 19th 2008 - 02:48:53 PM
Name: Anna Davis Buran
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Comments: This is great! My gg grandfather was William Mathais Owens. Is there any info on the 1st Owens before 1750?
Thank you
Wednesday, June 11th 2008 - 04:54:47 PM
Name: Sandra Belanga
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Comments: I'm married to Marshall E Belanga, brother of Luther Jr, Jesse and Marvin of Sandbridge Rd, Va Beach. His parents were Luther and Melissa. Marshall is interested in the land grants given to his family through the King of England.
Friday, June 6th 2008 - 10:53:19 AM
Name: Charlene Owens Reynolds
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Comments: Looking for information about Thomas Owens/Elizabeth McCrary especially his father William Owens and grandfather William Owens. I descend thru John Owens b 1797 and his wife Elizabeth Robbins (both died in McMinn Co, TN
Tuesday, June 3rd 2008 - 08:53:03 AM
Name: Linda Marshall
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Comments: My grandmother was Annie Randolph Twiford and My great great grandmother was anBiannthia Owens who was married to William Truxton Twiford.
Thursday, May 22nd 2008 - 08:50:17 AM
Name: Ingrid
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Comments: For you'll that have their heart in Tyrrell County, We are publishing the Scuppernong Gazette with wonderful stories and photos about the people from Columbia and Tyrrell County, right here on this website - Please drop you e-mail right into the little box and you will receive you digital magazine by e-mail at no cost.
Enjoy! Ingrid Lemme, Publisher
Thursday, May 1st 2008 - 04:10:20 AM
Name: owens john
Comments: owens westmeath ireland
Tuesday, January 8th 2008 - 09:39:38 PM
Name: Arlene
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Comments: Your research has been quite helpful to me! Thanks especially for the digital photos of the headstones.
Thursday, December 20th 2007 - 09:25:43 AM
Name: Rita Basnight Zalonis
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Comments: Hey...My dad was Horace Basnight, (died 8/13/72) his brother Ben has passed away as well as Tommie, Bill, Lina, Eva, and Cassie but Cedric is still lives in Cumberland County. Feel free to email for more details. (Grandfather was Ben Basnight Sr. and Grandmother was Martha Twiddy Basnight)
Sunday, November 4th 2007 - 06:02:10 PM
Name: Lu Anne Owens Kau
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Comments: Snell/Owens in the Roper/Creswell area. Please notify me of any new books/publications on the Owens or Snell families or the area. Thanks and love the website!
Saturday, October 20th 2007 - 05:59:53 AM
Name: Gail Mattson
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Comments: Just trying to connect the genealogy dots! Researching the Barnett, Rollinson, Whidbee, Farrow lines. Any help would be appreciated!!
Wednesday, September 12th 2007 - 05:03:33 PM
Name: Rebecca Whitson Glass
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Comments: Looking for my grandmother, Marion Owens Whitson, born about 1903 in Plymouth, NC. Brother Layton Owens who died in Norfolk, VA. I think her father's name was Clyde. She left Plymouth in about 1922 by eloping with William W. Whitson.
Becky Glass
Friday, September 7th 2007 - 01:42:13 PM
Name: Anna Owens Sebastian
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Comments: Your site always was great, but gets better each time I look at it.
Monday, September 3rd 2007 - 03:46:14 PM
Name: Sherry Duval
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Comments: Thank you for sharing!
I am descendent of Samuel Bannister Duval
and Mary Elizabeth Basnight b.1857 (ggrandparents)
According to my source Samuels sister Sabry Emaline
also married into the Basnight family to a William Jordan Basnight in 1880.
Would like to know who my cousins are.
Thanks in advance
Sunday, August 26th 2007 - 09:33:59 PM
Name: Jan Urban
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Comments: I stumbled across your website while researching the Cahoons in my family tree. Love all your music! Thanks for the entertainment!
Sunday, August 26th 2007 - 07:01:44 PM
Name: Deborah Scott Spencer
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Comments: Hi there! LOVE your website [] - I located photo's of tombstones taken at Spruill's Bridge Cemetery in Washington County, NC, of Belanga ancestors.

I wondered if by chance you took photo's of all the tombstones in that cemetery?

If not, do you live in that local area? Would you be willing to shoot photo's of a few graves in that cemetery for my client, Anna Davis Bateman? She or myself would be more than happy to pay you for your time and expenses. It would save me a trip down there from Raleigh.

Please call me [I'll be happy to call you right back to save the long distance charges] at 919-846-3670. I'm not a big 'email' person and seldom check messages, as I'm typically bombarded with literally thousands of messages.

The graves I need photo's of are of Dempsey Spruill, his wife Mary, Eli Woodley and wife Harriett [daughter of Dempsey and Mary], and their daughter Mary Ann Woodley that married [and is buried next to] Abel Belanga.

Anna is applying for membership into The Jamestown Society, and we would like to submit excellent quality photo's for their permanent storage in their library for preservation purposes.

If you are able to shoot these graves, you can just email them to me and I'll print them out on acid free paper, as my professional quality photo printer also utilizes acid free ink.

Many thanks in advance for any assistance you may offer!


Deborah Spencer
Raleigh, NC
Monday, August 6th 2007 - 12:59:48 PM
Name: Pat Twiford Vestal
E-mail address:
Comments: I have often heard that my great grandmother was full-blooded Indian(tombstone in Edenton, NC). I went there and found great grandfather's tombstone--very good shape-. Hers was very bad shape, right next to his. Took photos.
Enjoyed your site. Would like to know more about Beechland! William Truxton is in my line.

Thanks for your hard work!
Thursday, July 12th 2007 - 07:45:09 PM
Name: Bernie Crosby
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Comments: Very nice website!

I am searching the following surnames from Rutherford and Cleveland Counties in NC.


I am looking especially for the descendants of the Revolutionary War soldier, THOMAS OWENS (1763-1836).
Sunday, June 17th 2007 - 02:40:33 PM
Name: Karen Harrell
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Wednesday, June 6th 2007 - 08:37:12 AM
Name: Fiona King Finch
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Comments: I am in the middle of preparing a book about the historic houses of Columbia, Tyrrell County, NC, and am endlessly fascinated by the histories of the families who lived there in the past. I would particularly love information about and pictures of Nathan Owens and his first (?) wife Isabella McClees, who owned a considerable part of Columbia in the first half of the 19th century. Nathan Owens was the son of Zechariah Owens of Currituck County; his uncle was Matthias Owens of Tyrrell County; Isabella McClees was the daughter of Jesse McClees; she died of typhoid in 1880. Apparently Nathan married again later.
I also need information about William F. Owens and his wife Lydia, who lived on Main Street, Columbia from 1905 to 1921.
Any information (and, if possible!) pictures, gratefully received.
Fiona King Finch
Tuesday, May 1st 2007 - 06:14:30 PM
Name: Vi Crowder
E-mail address:
Comments: Thank you so much for sharing your site with me yesterday at the TCGHS meeting! This is simply wonderful. You've done a terrific job with your research and your presentation. I look forward to using your information for the Oakwood project and will make sure you are credited. Again, many thanks for your hard work and dedication to preserving the past for the future!
Monday, April 23rd 2007 - 05:33:55 AM
Name: Lee Reynolds
E-mail address:
Comments: Great website, was referred by NC Live librarian. Am hoping to find information on Joseph Emanuel Reynolds, sheriff of Tyrrell County 1926-1937. He is great grandfather of my husband William Michael Reynolds, son of William Arthur Reynolds and Grace Myraline Spruill Reynolds of Columbia.
Wednesday, April 11th 2007 - 12:28:59 PM
Name: Betsy Owens
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Comments: I'm an Owens by marriage but am still interested in the Owens family history.
Tuesday, April 10th 2007 - 06:37:51 AM
Name: Van Owens
E-mail address:
Comments: Please note new e-mail address. Great idea for a group. Lots of good reading. I'm a decendant of James Gray Owens Of Edgecombe County North Carolina.
James Gray's Dad was, Dempsey Owens
Dempsey's Dad was Elias
Then there is John Jr. and John Sr. (The Brick Wall)
Does any one have any information on the ancestors of Elias or John?
Thanks, Van
Wednesday, March 21st 2007 - 09:50:13 AM
Name: BJ
E-mail address:
Comments: I am a descendant of John Ransom Owens born 1805 in Crabtree, Buncombe /Haywood Co., NC. i am looking for information on my ancestors. They were George Owen/s married a Nancy Marriago and then back to a Thomas Owen/s. I can't seem to find Thomas becasue they were so many. If anyone can help me I look forward to your remarks.
I did enjoy your website although I probably am only distantly related somewhere.
Wednesday, March 14th 2007 - 01:21:40 PM
Name: Sonja Gonzales
E-mail address:
Comments: Looking for history on the Basnight family. Last heard of was Cedric in Fayetteville and Benjamin in Edenton. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
Monday, March 12th 2007 - 01:43:02 PM
Name: Kimberly Donald Paul
E-mail address:
Comments: I'm a step-granddaughter to Thomas H. Basnight. His 2nd wife was my great x alot grandmother Susan Victoria Barnacastle Bess Basnight. Love the work on your site. I'm hoping to stumble on her grave by locating where her step-children were laid to rest. Keep up the good work. God Bless.
Tuesday, January 1st 2002 - 06:31:21 AM
Name: Yvonne Owens Parks
E-mail address:
Comments: I am from Adam Owens and The Cowell and Nicholsons of Curr. and Tyrell. Hope somebody out there has info on where Adam cam from and how he ended up in Tyrell with all
the other Owens'.

Yvonne Owens Parks
Saturday, February 24th 2007 - 05:30:58 PM
Name: Nell Langwell Gronberg
E-mail address:
Comments: John:

Like your site very much. Never saw the John and Charity Languell Bible before. Thanks for all your hard work and for all those who have contributed to the site.

John Languell was the son of Thomas and Elizabeth Gilman Languell/Langwell, etc., etc. Thomas, born in Kentucky in 1816, was the son of Thomas and Anna Bastin Langwell.

Other sons of Thomas, senior, b. c. 1776, were Solomon; William; John; and Hiram H. May also have had sons Peter and Timothy, but not sure about those two. Daughters were Hannah, who married Christopher Baugh; probably Elizabeth, who married 1st Joel Dobbs c. 1828 and 2nd Marcus Ridley and Mary, who married Daniel Smith in 1831 in Putnam County, Ind. Mary, Joel and Elizabeth Langwell Dobbs all joined the Deer Creek Baptist Church in Putnam County, Ind. c. 1830.

If anyone else is interested in this line, I would love to hear from them.
Saturday, February 10th 2007 - 01:49:21 PM
E-mail address:
Comments: I look forward to enjoying these pages. Maybe we have names in common. Thanks for the time you have spent developing this site.
Saturday, February 3rd 2007 - 08:36:17 PM
Name: Brenda Creef Cagle
E-mail address:
Comments: This is a wonderful place to visit. I have many people from East Lake and the surrounding area. I am The daughter of Gilbert Creef and Hilda Twiddy. I will be returning often to check out your site
Sunday, January 28th 2007 - 03:33:54 PM
Name: Frank H Owens
E-mail address:
Thursday, January 4th 2007 - 12:01:11 PM
Name: Juanita Martinez
E-mail address:
Comments: I descend from Jehu (Jesse) Owens, son of Zechariah Owens b 1728.

Is it possible for me to add my info to your page?
Sunday, December 3rd 2006 - 01:24:40 PM
E-mail address:
Comments: interested in following famlies: CALCOTE, OWENS, CASTON. SLADE, SHAW, TALBERT,GOODRICH, GOODMAN. Anyone who might have any historical triva would be most welcomed.
Monday, November 20th 2006 - 07:22:45 PM
Name: Dr. Peter Stewart Owens
E-mail address:
Comments: Dear John,
I was born in St. Andrews, Scotland and have lived in Oxford , England for some 16 years. There are quite a few Owens' in Scotland. My family have traditionally married Stewarts in Scotland - so much so that all male family members' middle names are Stewart and female middle names must start with an 'S'. 4 of my great uncles went to America in the 1890's only the fifth brother returned, he became my Grandfather. My brother is Dr. Lawrence Stewart Owens [ Archaeologist], my Father is Charles Stewart Owens, his 2 brothers are Jack Stewart Owens [deceased in Canada] and William Stewart Owens [lives in Sidney, Australia]. My Father is 87[lives in southern Spain] and was the youngest commissioned Major in the British Army at 23 during WW11. His great friend was Colonel David Stirling the founder of the British Special Air Service [S.A.S]. Regards, Peter
Saturday, October 7th 2006 - 06:25:02 PM
Name: Debra Quidley Creef
E-mail address:
Monday, August 21st 2006 - 01:56:14 PM
Name: Mr. Gayle Dean Hix
E-mail address:
Comments: I am researching Taylors in NC and VA. I have transcribed the 1683 deed of William Owens and will send you a copy after I find your email address.
Wednesday, August 2nd 2006 - 06:11:10 PM
Name: Eddie Dewayne Owens
E-mail address:
Comments: Wonderful!!!
Saturday, July 8th 2006 - 12:35:38 PM
Name: Margaret Owens Crist
E-mail address:
Comments: Looking for the family of Wm. Owens & his wife SUSANNAH LNU & their children: margaret, martin, mary, andrew, alexander,wm./ james,david,nancy. Any info will be appreciated WM. SR was born 1760 in either va or nc, died 1798/99 in nc. maggie
Tuesday, June 13th 2006 - 12:48:43 PM
Name: Cheryl Owens
E-mail address:
Comments: Was surfing for anything I could find on Owens, found your site. Really interesting! I am looking for a Newton R. Owens that was born in North Carolina between 1829/1830. He married Louisa Mitchel in DeKalb Co.,AL on Aug. 13, 1852. They had 4 children,William,John M.,Joseph,and Mary E.,found in 1860 census in Cherokee Co.,Al. After that he disappears. I have found each of the children after that but not him or his wife. Appreciate any help I can get.
Thank s very much.
Monday, May 29th 2006 - 01:13:35 PM
Name: Dale A Owens
E-mail address:
Comments: Mother is a Fulford (the GA Fulfords.)
Dad was an Owens, from Hahira GA. We don't know much about where the Owens family came from, so I visited your site. There may or may not be a connection. If there is, I didn't see it.
Anyway, nice site, and good work!!
- Best regards, Dale Owens (Orlando FL)
Tuesday, April 18th 2006 - 02:32:15 PM
E-mail address:
Comments: LOOKING FOR INFO - In FRANKLIN & WILKINSON COUNTIESM MS - WILLIAM J. BROWN/ JAMES JACKSON OWENS/ JOHN CALCOTE/ Any info will be very much appreciated, thank you, ,aggie
Saturday, March 11th 2006 - 04:24:32 PM
Name: Van Owens
E-mail address:
Comments: I enjoyed reading about all the different Owens, a fine group to be sure);). Searching for my roots. May God bless.
Van Owens
Tuesday, January 24th 2006 - 06:58:11 PM
Name: Van Owens
E-mail address: derhaven@wpcs
Comments: I am a member of the James Grey group. Does anyone know I might try finding photos of his sons? The one they called
"Jim Buck"?
Saturday, January 7th 2006 - 07:39:50 PM
Name: john declan owens
E-mail address:
Comments: Hello,my name is John Owens from Co.Kildare,Ireland.It is interesting to note that your John Owens was originally from Co.Fermanagh as it is with this county and Co.Wicklow that the name is associated with in my experience.
Wednesday, January 4th 2006 - 03:57:07 PM
E-mail address:
Comments: Had relatives in ATATILA CO, WILKINSON CO, & FRANKLIN CO. MS
Mostly OWENS, BROWN. Other MS. counties include DIXON, & BOOTHE
Tuesday, January 3rd 2006 - 11:08:18 AM
Name: Samuel Owens
E-mail address:
Comments: I am 18 and the son of Sam and Linda Owens. My sister is Stacy Owens (now Ousley).
Tuesday, November 15th 2005 - 09:01:00 PM
Name: John Owens Price
E-mail address:
Comments: John Owens Price Born 1956 jan-19, Bakersfield California in looking this up I was very proud and always have been of my middle name and this is my mothers maiden name and also passed it on to my first born son Patrick Owens Price, born Grand Junction Colorado. who is deceased shortly after birth died april-17, 1985. Married Lily Alee Hayes and also have another step son Jesse Lee Meryhew. And one other son Jordan Lee Price born July-8, 1989, Grand Junction Colorado.
Sunday, November 13th 2005 - 05:19:07 PM
Name: Jennifer B Stewart
E-mail address:
Comments: This is a very interesting website. I am related to the Twiford, Owens, Sawyer, Davenport, Cason, Spruill, Spear, Tillette, and many more and would like to do further research on my family. Are there any meetings coming up?

Jennifer Bradley Stewart
Wednesday, November 2nd 2005 - 12:36:18 PM
E-mail address:
Wednesday, November 2nd 2005 - 09:09:09 AM
Name: Charles Clarence Belangia II
E-mail address:
Comments: This site is the best for information on the BELANGIA family from Tyrell County.

Thank you
Friday, October 7th 2005 - 05:33:24 AM
Name: Betty Cobb Batchelor
E-mail address: wibbach@bbnp[.com
Comments: I live in Saratoga, NC. There were lots of Owens families living in this area in the early 1900's. I have three know Owens lines. Hillard Thomas Owens (b abt 1820 possibly Edgecombe Co. NC) Hillard Owens' wife Elizabeth "Betsy" Owens (b abt 1820) and John Thomas Owens (b abt 1817) Possible b Edgecombe Co. NC. Any suggestions to link to your Owens family? The Hillard Thomas Owens links to the James Gray Owens group. I also feel the John Thomas Owens and the Hillard Thomas Owens group were related, just know there was some type of kinship. Your homepage is fantastic, only wish we could have a link=up with the Pitt, Edgecombe, Greene, and Wilson Co. Owens groups. In the Edwin Owens Cemetery near Saratoga has lots of Owens and relatives there. Betty
Sunday, October 2nd 2005 - 08:14:32 PM
Name: John Owens
E-mail address:
Comments: Looking for a John Owens, Born in Kinawley, Co Fermanagh about 1880. Emigrated to America maybe in his twenties. No further details about him
Monday, September 12th 2005 - 12:56:41 PM
Name: Lonice E. Thomas
E-mail address:
Saturday, August 20th 2005 - 08:08:22 AM
Name: John Owens
E-mail address:
Comments: I am about 50 year old. My grandfathers brother, James ? Owens left Fermanagh, N Ireland for the US and was unheard of again. I will try to check dates and post further comment.

John Owens
Saturday, July 30th 2005 - 03:02:05 PM
Name: Arnold Mathers
E-mail address:
Comments: Very interesting comments. We, too, have completed a very large research project on the John Owens 1 decedents from Fermanagh Ireland. He came to Canada with his mother in 1847 and most of his family went from Ontario to western Canada. There are over 2200 names in the family tree.
We are having a reunion in August 2005
The Owens' Saga -440 pages of Owens' history has just been completed
Wednesday, July 27th 2005 - 11:55:45 AM
Name: Shelly Sinclair-Languell
E-mail address:
Comments: This is the first information i have been able to find for my husband. His father left when he was around 7 years old and he doesn't know a lot about the Languell family. There is a lot of information and i really enjoy reading it. Thank you to everyone who has worked on putting this together. I know it is hard work.
Thursday, July 14th 2005 - 01:45:34 PM
Name: Anna Owens Sebastian
E-mail address:
Comments: enjoyed your site, although I can't find any connection to my family of Owens'
Wednesday, June 22nd 2005 - 06:16:30 PM
Name: sharon
Homepage URL:
Comments: Hi, Just been looking around a bit.... I just loved the page about being grandmas favorite ..... she looked like such a sweet person... reminded me of my own grandma whom I thought hung the moon... thanks for the memory
Sunday, June 5th 2005 - 02:51:06 PM
Name: Elizabeth Owens
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:
Comments: I'm looking for info on our Owens lineage. Mostly on Samuel Obediah Owens who married Martha (Mattie) Ellen Browning. Any info on this family would be greatly appreciated. You can email me directly at or visit our website at
Thursday, May 26th 2005 - 04:31:53 PM
Name: Alice Basnight oak
Tuesday, May 24th 2005 - 05:18:37 PM
Name: Al Basnight
E-mail address:
Comments: My fathers family is from East Lake (Dare Co.), North Carolina. I would be interested to find any information regarding family history.
Saturday, April 16th 2005 - 08:42:57 AM
Name: margaret irene weatherly trevino
E-mail address:
Comments: just searching for all my Weatherly relatives but enjoyed your site and the music. Margaret
Saturday, January 29th 2005 - 09:04:21 PM
Name: Jordan Tillitt Owens
E-mail address:
Comments: I am trying to figure out where I fit in here. Maybe I should ask my dad. He's Joe Tillitt Owens, his mother was Mildred Athena Blangea Owens, and his father was Woodrow Wilson Owens, but yeah, thats as far back as I can go. He is from the Currituck/Harbinger region of NC, but I grew up in Summerville, SC and now live in Montreal, Canada. Anyway, if anyone knows where I fit in here, please let me know! Nice site, by the way!
Thursday, October 7th 2004 - 09:52:19 PM
Name: Debbie Owens
E-mail address: OWENS_DM@YAHOO.COM
Comments: I married Michael Steve Owens in 1998. He is the child od Greenberry Owens Jr.

Greenberry Jr. Is the son of Greenberry owens born in 1886 believed to be in N.C. Greenberry Sr. had a twin named Asberry/Asbury Owens a brother named Frank who went missing in or around 1955 and a brother named Charlie.

Does any if this sound familiar to anyone. I cant seem to make a connection to anyone.

please e-mail. thanks
Tuesday, September 28th 2004 - 02:27:51 PM
Name: ed cowell
E-mail address:
Comments: Hi John,

Thanks for the info on the Cowell graveyard near Sligo' I visited it last week. As noted in a previous note, I was desended from Benjamin Cowell through Solomon via Ferbee, Whitehurst/Grice family on my mother's side and have now connected my father's family from Benjamin Cowell through William Cowell whose daughter Elizabeth married Adam Owens. Dad's family apparently moved to Tyrell from Currituck and then to Camden as both my grandfather William James Cowell and his father Edward T Cowell lived in Shiloh.

My mother's great grandfather, Charles A. Grice's home is also located in Camden on Shipyard Road. He had a shipyard on the river near the house.

Ed Cowell
Monday, August 23rd 2004 - 08:50:46 PM
Name: Melodie McKenna
E-mail address: MMMcKenn/
Comments: Hi John!!!!!!! Now that i have completely researched your and cousin Christine's site--- We are Related!!!!!!!!! How exciting!!!!!!You are right ....this is the dream book. Sorry i didn't look over this site before i signed your book the first time. We can connect the dots. Would love to share any and all information i have. Thank You for all of the work you have done!!!!!
Monday, August 2nd 2004 - 05:27:46 PM
Name: Melodie McKenna
E-mail address:
Comments: Hi John- Your site is great. Researching the Hassell, Owens/Simmons/ Leary connection from Tyrrell Co. N.C. I am a direct descendant of Jessie Eizabeth Hassell,Simmons,Leary,Owens.My gggrandfather was Jacob Leary and gggrandmother was Frances E. Kendell(Kendall). My great grandfather was William Acey (O) Leary and my grandfather was Raymond Leary.I have names and no connections. (This is a complicated mess) My greatfather Was Charlie Owens who came from N.C. to Virginia Beach and on to Camden,N.J.He was a tugboat captain.(I have a picture of him in his uniform) Hope someone out there can help me connect the dots!!!!
Monday, August 2nd 2004 - 04:33:31 PM
Name: Brenda Creef Cagle
E-mail address:
Friday, July 23rd 2004 - 07:38:43 PM
Name: Columbus Taylor Jr
E-mail address:
Comments: Hello I am so glad i could find this website i do love to read and find out all i can about the people of Columbia I call sound side is where i call home i was born in nov of 1955 back in the good old days so i hear

I have been looking for my G father with out much luck John Taylor he came to Columbia around about 1890 to 1900 and born some place in VA that about it but i am still looking not going to give up just yet
C Taylor Jr
Friday, July 23rd 2004 - 06:57:19 PM
Name: Sheryl Kenney
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Comments: searching parents for Joseph Owens b. 1777 NC, fought in war of 1812 with SC married Elizabeth Bennett b. 1784 of Charleston SC lived in Orangeburg Co. Children William Swinton Bennett Owens b.5 Jan 1808, Charles C. Pinckney Owens b. 1810, Nancy Owens b. 1812 Moved to Escambia FL and then to Goliad TX Need to find his family in NC/SC
Monday, July 12th 2004 - 09:15:20 AM
Name: Edward Duke Cowell, Jr
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Comments: Hi,

I am decended from Benjamin Cowell, Solomon et al to Ben and Amanda, Adelia Cowell/ David Capps Whitehurst to Maud W Grice and my mother, Millicent Charles Grice who married Ed Cowell, Sr son of William James Cowell of Shiloh, NC. My grandmother's sister, Mae Cowell Whitehurst married John Bartlett Fearing of Elizabeth City.

Are you all related to Terry Owens and Marylin Brothers Owens of Elizabeth City?
Monday, July 5th 2004 - 07:12:46 PM
Name: Anna Davis Bateman Buran
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Comments: I am Camille Everton niece. My great-grandfather was Captain William Mathias Owens. I'm in DAR and UDC. I was born in Columbia, but lived in Calif.all my life. My mother was Mary Hazel Davis Coffield.
I am very HAPPY to fine this web site!
Thank You
Anna Davis Bateman Buran
Anna Davis Buran
Thursday, May 20th 2004 - 07:44:54 PM
Name: Frances lillian Owens (Stainer)
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Comments: Hello my maiden name is Owens, I' m Frances, my father was born in Troy Tenn. My fathers name was Calvin Owens and my grandfathers name was William Or Raz I believe they called him. Most of my owens family move to Mich. the south west corner , I was told that my great grandma was full blooded Indian and my Grandfather was Irish. I was also told they came from Wales. My remarried and father past away in later years North Carolina.
Friday, April 23rd 2004 - 05:50:26 PM
Name: Frances lillian Owens (Stainer)
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Comments: I believe my father was born in troy Tenn. He died in North Carolina
Saturday, April 17th 2004 - 06:01:38 PM
Name: Mike Schoettle
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Comments: Hi there. Saw your web page on the Owens family. I'm descended thru John, Zachariah, Uriah, John, and Ephriam, and Elizabeth. I have plenty of research done on the Basnight family dating back to the 1600's if you are ever interested in the Basnight line. Just wanted to say hi and nice to see the web page.
Saturday, April 3rd 2004 - 06:18:10 PM
Name: John B. Owens
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Comments: Looking forward to reading more about the descendents of John Owens !
Wednesday, March 31st 2004 - 10:19:56 AM
Name: Ben and Angie Owens
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Comments: My name is Angie Owens, I married Benjamin E. Owens in 1996. My husbands father is James E. Owens who was born in Alabama. We do not know much about my husbands grand father who we believe is Edwin Owens who was in the service we believe. It would be neat to know if there are other family member out there looking as well. Thanks
Sunday, March 28th 2004 - 06:32:27 PM
Name: Cathy; Redwine
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Comments: Looking for Dorcus Owens, father Only Owens, married to Jacob Redwine ????
Friday, March 19th 2004 - 06:28:18 PM
Name: Olga Lemus
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Comments: New E-Mail
This is a great site...
Thursday, February 5th 2004 - 09:51:37 AM
Name: Curtis E. Roughton
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Comments: Hi.....This is a great site. I have really enjoyed it. My grandfather came from Fort Landing, Tyrrell, NC. I'm still digging for information.
Sunday, January 11th 2004 - 07:57:10 AM